The kits are complete with ready-to-use cartridges of the necessary combined Neo-Sensitabs™ or Diatabs™ and a guide to their use.

The capability to detect ESBLs, AmpC and carbapenemases (KPC and metallo-â-lactamases) in the laboratory is important to improve the clinical management of infections.

Disk (tablet) approximation tests detecting synergy (or antagonism) are useful to screen and detect the mentioned beta-lactamases.

The combination of non-susceptibility to carbapenems with synergism between Phenylboronic Acid and a carbapenem are indicative of KPC beta-lactamase.

ROSCO Diagnostica acknowledges the increasing need for detecting mechanisms of resistance and is focusing its research activities in this field.

Kits available for detection of resistance mechanisms

Rapid Colorimetric Kits (15 min-1 hour)

98022 - Rapid ESBL Screen kit: ESBLs

98023 - Rapid BLUE CARB Kit: Carbapenemases

98024 - Neo-Rapid CARB Kit: Carbapenemases

Phenotypic Methods (18 hours)

98006 - KPC and MBL Confirm Kit: Carbapenemases

98007 - AmpC Confirm Kit: AmpC Enterobacteriaceae

98008 - ESBL + AmpC Screen Kit: ESBL + AmpC

98010 - Triple disk for detection of KPC+MBL

98011 - ESBL Confirm (acc to CLSI) Kit: ESBLs

98012 - ESBL Confirm (Chrom AmpC) Kit: ESBLs

98014 - Total ESBL Confirm Kit: ESBLs

98015 - KPC, MBL and OXA-48 Confirm Kit: Carbapenemases

98016 - Total Metallo-beta-lactamase Confirm Kit: MBLs

98019 - Total ESBL+AmpC Confirm Kit: ESBL + AmpC

98025 - KPC/MBL inP.aeruginosa/Acinetobacter, version 2

98009 - Urin Kit Privat Praksis

98017 - Detection of hVISA, GISA, VRE, Daptomycin resistance

98018 - Detection of COLISTIN resistance in Enterobacteriaceae, P. aeruginosa and Acinetobacter spp.