Product News

The following Special Order Products are available in limited quantities. 

82612 - Posaconazole 5 µg
83012 - Lincomycin/Neomycin 15+60 µg

Please contact Rosco for more information.

Product number: 52711 and 43611 have been changed to C products. C products are products that are not on stock and must be ordered specially.
Please note product number 43611 can still be purchased until stocks run out.
New product – Product no. 82712 - Pristinamycin 15 µ - is a new addition to our Neo-Sensitabs category.
A,B,C prioritization - A products are our priority products, our main focus and we try to have them available on stock at all times. B products are generally available on stock. If shortage occurs there is a short waiting time. C products are products that are generally not available on stock. All C products have to be ordered specially through Rosco.
NewnessNow available under products are both Last Sale Products and Special Products Still Available. Last Sale Product are products that have a shorter lifetime than 1 year and are offered at a lowered price. Special products still available are C products that are available on stock and do not need to be specially ordered.
Changes in packaging Diatabs are now sold only in boxes with 5 secure plastic bottles containing 50 tablets each. One sales unit equals 250 tablets in 5 plastic bottles.
Changes is product numbers - Kit 68912 -Triple disk for detection of KPC + MBL has a new product number: 98010. Lot of changes have been made in Diatabs and in Neo-Sensitabs product numbers in order to standardize and simplify. Please check out our new Product List.